We have a large doweled and peeled pole inventory, treated and untreated. They arrive fresh from the mill and are air-dried to bring down the moisture content enough to allow for a full treatment when you order them. They are commonly used in farming or ranch applications and preserved with CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate), ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary), or Penta (Pentachlorophenol) treatments for ground contact.
Lodgepole Pine is the predominant species of wood we distribute, but we also supply Coastal Douglas-fir and Redwood treated posts. Ever wonder how their mechanical properties compare? We have these excerpts from the "Softwoods of North America" technical report prepared by the Forest Products Laboratory at the USDA to answer that concern.

Examples of Peeled & Doweled Poles
click on images to see close-up
click on images to see close-up
Our inventory of stakes is represented here with a few images of the round and square stakes. We stock and sell stakes of all sizes, treated or untreated.Stakes 

Slideshows: Examples of how our posts have been used in Tiki Hut and Vineyard applications.
Tiki HutClick to view Tiki Hut Application

VineyardClick to view Vineyard Application

Videos: Original "How It's Made" video created by C&R Forest Products.

The Making of a Doweled Post
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Large Diameter Pole  << Click for Close-up >>

Fence Posts  << Click for Close-up >>

Utility Poles  << Click for Close-up >>
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Large diameter poles, utility poles (PG&E and ANSI spec), and post & rail fencing are sold for various applications.
Large Poles & Fencing 
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